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Job Openings

Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley

Executive Director Job Description

The Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley (CFSLV) seeks to hire its first full-time Executive Director who will continue the work of building a strong, vibrant resource for the nonprofit organizations of the San Luis Valley of Colorado. This position will work with the Board of Directors to:

  • Connect charitable donors and volunteers to community causes.

  • Expand the capacity of community organizations by providing grants, networking opportunities, and technical assistance.

  • Serve as a neutral convener in the community to enable residents to address issues.

  • Encourage planned giving while building and managing permanent endowment funds.

  • Develop the nonprofit leadership of the community.

  • Incubate qualifying community projects and partnerships.

  • Hire staff to build the capacity of the Foundation.

The Executive Director reports to the CFSLV Board of Directors as a non-voting member. The ED is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives as defined by the Board of Directors.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Board of Directors in developing a realistic strategic plan and related budget, making financial decisions consistent with the budget as approved by the Board of Directors, and monitoring allocation of resources to achieve goals.

  • Engage Board of Directors in implementation of strategic plan.

  • Identify and establish relationships with individuals and organizations important to the Foundation.

  • Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs and services that support the mission.

  • Lead fundraising efforts, including guiding and enabling the Board of Directors to actively participate in this integral function of the Foundation.

  • Develop a staff and volunteer structure that supports the efficient delivery of programs and services, accomplishment of major goals identified in the strategic plan, and effective overall management.

  • Hire and manage the staff, legal counsel, and contractors including the implementation and ongoing revision of personnel policies approved by the Board of Directors and managing the staff performance review process.

  • Ensure regular, timely internal financial statements to the Board of Directors that compare performance to budget, and to the previous year or other benchmarks. Also providing partner fund reporting, support, and allocation calculations at regular intervals.

  • Working with Board to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal legal requirements, and ensuring that risk is managed appropriately.


Essential Skills

  • Fundraising, including major donors, planned giving, and grant writing

  • Communications, including social media

  • Marketing

  • Understanding the unique nature of the San Luis Valley

  • Agreement with the mission, vision, and inclusivity statements (see below)


Salary and Benefits

  • $60,000 to $75,000, based on experience

  • Health care stipend

  • Retirement contribution

  • State and Federal benefits


How to Apply

We are interested in hiring the best person for the position regardless of educational background.  We are more interested in someone with a great understanding of the unique nature of the San Luis Valley, its history, and its people.  We seek someone with a passion for helping the community and with work experience in nonprofit fundraising, communications, and building partnerships. People of Color, Women, LGBT+, and other communities are encouraged to apply.


Submit Cover Letter explaining connection to the San Luis Valley, Resumé, and three references to:


For more information, please visit our website ( or call the current Executive Director Mike Roque and he’d be happy to talk with you.



The Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley is focused on enhancing the lives of the people who reside in the six counties of the San Luis Valley of Colorado. The CFSLV uses the tools of philanthropy, leadership development, technical assistance, and sustainable economic development to help communities.



The Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley strengthens and enriches the region through engaged philanthropy, thoughtful grantmaking, strategic planning, and collaborative leadership.



The Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley envisions a dynamic culture of giving in which the full range of individual, community, and environmental needs is addressed.



The Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley embraces access, equity, and diversity as affirming the essential humanity of all people and as being basic to a healthy community and environment.