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Legacy Giving.

Leave Your Legacy in the San Luis Valley

The San Luis Valley is special to many people. Whether you have roots in the Valley or you love to experience the beauty of this land, the San Luis Valley offers a way of life and experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

Protect our land and way of life for future generations with a planned gift. Naming CFSLV in your will, life insurance policy, or other estate plans will ensure your legacy lives on in the heart of the valley. Let us work with you to understand what you want for your legacy and

find a gift opportunity to achieve that. Email us at

Support Our Future

For most people, philanthropy is a basic part of our human spirit. We like to help others. We like to give back. We like to make the communities we share just a little better. This philanthropic spirit is abundant in those who support.


For many, however, a significant charitable gift doesn’t seem possible. Life is unpredictable and people need to protect themselves against future uncertainties. With a charitable bequest, however, you can make a future gift to CFSLV without sacrificing any current assets.


With a future gift in your Will or Living Trust, nothing changes until your estate is settled. You retain 100% control over your assets throughout life. A charitable bequest protects your financial future. If a need arises, your assets are in place. If not, a beautiful gift will one day come to CFSLV.


To create a bequest, please contact your estate planning attorney. Small changes to your plan are easy and inexpensive. And if you do remember CFSLV in your plans, please let us know. For more information, please contact us at


“The uniqueness of the Valley and having to cross a mountain pass in order to travel to anyplace else in Colorado maintains a sense of place. Our rural lifestyle in valuing the land promotes the leaving of a legacy which in turn strengthens our local community.”


Jan Oen, Supporter

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Our Valley

The San Luis Valley has remained largely unchaged for centuries, dating back to 1540. Our windswept plains, Rio Grand River and Sangre de Cristo mountains provide a spiritual and intriguing sense of peace.

The legacy of our people anchors our community. We honor our heritage while remaining vibrant in our present. 

This is our land of peace and beauty.

Sample Gift Language

A gift to CFSLV through your will or trust enables you to support our mission and make a difference in the lives of future generations.

A bequest:

  • is easy to arrange.

  • will not alter your current lifestyle in any way.

  • can easily be modified to address your changing needs.


Some sample language you may use:

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath $________/________%  (a specific dollar amount or a specific percentage of the residue of my estate) of my estate [or the residue of my estate] to the Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley, currently located at 610 State Avenue, #116, Alamosa, CO. 81101, a Colorado nonprofit public benefit corporation organized and operated under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended (Federal tax identification number 94-2607722).

If you or your attorney would like CFSLV to provide you with customized beneficiary language that is specific to your goals and interests, please contact us.

Disclaimer: Community Foundation of the San Luis Valley is not engaged in legal or tax advisory services. Please consult with your professional advisor as to which giving vehicle is right for you, and when creating bequests, seek drafting and counsel from an attorney.

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